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SaniGuard® 300ml x 12 Sanitising Surface Spray


No Waiting. No Wiping. No Germs.
SaniGuard Surface Spray is the world’s first DRY ON CONTACT 99.99% Spray Sanitiser & Deodoriser. SaniGuard® sanitising products are EPA registered, patented, and have been proven to kill 99.99% of Influenza and 39 other various germs, bacteria, fungus, and viruses in mere seconds; including: MRSA, Ringworm, HIV, E-Coli, Salmonella, & Herpes. Safe for food contact surfaces and other non-porous surfaces including fabrics & electronics!
The 300ml Spray is great for facility cleaning! Use this spray in bathrooms, offices, schools, and hotels. Ideal for treating hard to clean HOT SPOTS such as phones, faxes, shared office equipment, light switches, faucets, toilet seats, door knobs, drinking fountains, keyboards and computer mouse, break room tables, etc.

Minimum of 500 sprays per 300ml can.