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Vardar Total Release Foggers

Vardar Total Release Foggers are sanitisers and deodorisers, just like SaniGuard.


They come in 50ml cansiters, which hold a high concentration of liquid, enabling them to sanitise an area of up to 100 square feet. They leave behind a non-overpowering fresh lemon scent.


Vardar is simple to use: just place the canister at the lowest point in the room or vehicle, press the button on the top down and vacate the area immediately whilst the contents disperse. Leave for 30 minutes before re-entering the area and opening all windows and doors for a further 15 minutes.


Then, remove the fogger from the room, recycle it and enjoy the fresh lemon scent.







    50ml Total

Release Fogger

Vardar, Total Release Fogger, Car valeting fogger bomb, odour bomb

Vardar Total Release Foggers are perfect for a wide variety of settings:

  • Cars

  • Waiting rooms

  • Toilet Facilities

  • Safety Cabinets

  • Changing Rooms

  • Offices

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